Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Get What You Get

The nice thing about self-pity is that it gets boring for the person wallowing in it almost as quickly as for the people who have to listen to it. So, I'm back. I'm sure I'll slide into the Pit O' Self-Pity at some point, especially if I get bad news. But there's no point in wasting today.

As my son's preschool teacher often (oh, so often) said: "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit." Not everyone can have the blue M&M or the piece of pizza with the most pepperoni. Life throws random stuff our way. Sometimes awesome, sometimes shitty. There's always someone better off and someone worse off. Always. It's not worth pondering for too long. It is what it is. Many people find that an annoying expression, but I find it honest, and useful. It's a polite way of saying, "There are some things you can't change, so don't mindf*ck them to death. Just move on."

So, today I paid some bills, did some laundry, finished stamping and mailing all the Christmas cards. I went shopping and planned a nice dinner featuring one of my favorite entrees, "le poulet rotisserie de Costco." Everything sounds fancier in made-up French. Also, did you hear me? I sent all the Christmas cards. On December 6. Because I am awesome. And also because last week I could do nothing but watch endless reruns of Little House on the Prairie and address Christmas cards. But mostly because of the awesome part.

Yes, I'd say I'm feeling a little more like myself today.


  1. Color me impressed. I took pictures for the card. But I haven't made the card. Or printed it. Or addressed it. Except in my mind. But that doesn't really count. Bummer.

    1. The card is actually more irrelevant than ever, because everyone's seen pictures of me and my husband and kids on Facebook all year. Can you message me your address? I know I had it once, but can't find it. Unless it's in our message thread, which seems likely. I'll go check.

    2. I'll send it to you over on facebook just in case so you won't have to search!

  2. Also, we apparently left comments for each at the same moment. (even though this says at 11:31, it's really 1:31 my time and your comment on my blog was time stamped 1:31).
    It made me smile. And yes, I hope both of us are cancer free, well, for forever! =)